Hassan Madjooni director – Pouya Pouramin sound design, actor – Olka Hedayat actress – Keyvan Sarreshteh text, actor – Shylan Ashayeri assistant – Homa Sadatian puppet-maker – Ali Shirkhodaei technician

Pink Cloud tells the tale of a young man, from house arrest to military service, from military service to military frontier, military frontier to enemy territory, enemy territory to under the ground and, finally, from under the ground to a pink cloud. The ingenious undercurrent of social criticism is palpable in this production by Keyvan Sarreshteh and Hassan Madjooni. The minimalist staging and the pared down dramaturgy – which are so typical of the Leev Theatre Group’s signature style – only serve to accentuate it. The collective has already won several awards in its fourteen-year existence. In addition to Iranian classics, its founder - the (theatre) director, actor and university professor - Hassan Madjooni also likes to stage plays by Anton Tsjechov and Shakespeare. In 2011, his For a Fistful of Rubles earned him the Best Theatre Director of the Year Award.