For the fourth time in a row BOZAR is backing artist Michelangelo Pistoletto's plea for a sustainable and responsible transformation of our society.

The guest of honour of this edition is Kasper Vandenberghe, who has been a performer with Troubleyn / Jan Fabre. As preparation for his research into rituals for Theater Aan Zee (TAZ 2018), Vandenberghe is focusing on one symbol: Pistoletto’s revision of the mathematical symbol for eternity formed by three circles.

In Panic Fear of Standing Still the artist depicts a tide by way of a ritual in which four female performers fight the rising waters. The ticking of time is central to this performance and video, between land art and movement ritual. The symbol of Rebirth-day / Third Paradise is created by the performers and destroyed by nature. They are thrown back and forth between time (Kairos) and the clock (Kronos) which determines our life.


With: Emilie Camacho, Coralie Meignet, Alexandra Pholien, Annabel Reid
Concept and artistic direction: Kasper Vandenberghe (vzw De Blijde Boodschap)


Since 2014 BOZAR is one of the Belgian ambassadors of Rebirth-day / Third Paradise.