In the framework of EUROPALIA CURATOR’S AWARD, curators Charlotte Dumoncel d'Argence and Laura Herman developed the project Natural Capital (Modal Alam), including five participating artists Martin Belou, Adrien Missika, Rachel Monosov, Offshore Studio (CH) and Adrien Vermont. 
  Comprising an exhibition and online publication, Natural Capital (Modal Alam) aims to confront economic and scientific accounts of biodiversity in the Indonesian archipelago — one of the world's most biodiverse countries. ‘Natural capital’ is an economic concept that we have come to understand as the world’s assets of natural resources capable of flowing into goods and services. No doubt, there must be more liberating and emancipatory concepts to describe the natural commons, currently managed, quantified, and represented as natural capital. 
  Dealing with this current treatment of the natural world — an outcome of 19th century notions of heroic discovery and scientific classification — while being aware of the contemporary filters through which our experience of nature is mediated, the invited artists and contributors engage with languages and visualisations of Indonesian nature that attempt to thwart the abstractions of natural capital. Yet these investigations raise the question of whether the channels that allow us to mediate and exchange alternative forms of knowledge and experience — such as travel, cultural diplomacy, the media, and the Internet — are capable of transmitting a genuine understanding.