Does today's Generation Z still believe in Europe? What do young people have to say on the subject? During the Next Generation, Please! Festival at BOZAR young people will be writing a new chapter in the European story, alongside artists, politicians and scientists. Each contributing in their own way through original performances, installations, evocative photographs or videos they have been working on throughout the school year at 10 workshops on art and politics. The festival is also the chance to see unreleased films and attend lectures and debates on and around the challenges facing Europe. So come to the Next Generation, Please! Festival just before your exams and be inspired by a refreshing vision of Europe's future.

Participating artists: Christopher Daley, Emanual Owusu Bonsu, Jim Maes, Johanna Couvée, Julie Bougard, Laura Nsengiyumva, Leni Huyghe, Lyse Ishimwe Nsengiyumva, Lou Vernin, Nayra Martin, Sukina Douglas, Susu Amina, Tine Guns, Vincent Glowinski, Florence Aignier

Selected projects for 2017-2018

Did you know?

  • Proposal for a new european flag © Christophe Terlinden

    Call for designs for young people

    Awards and the opportunity to have your work exhibited at BOZAR as part of the Next Generation, Please! Festival

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