Does today's Generation Z still believe in Europe? What do young people have to say on the subject? During the Next Generation, Please! Festival at BOZAR young people will be writing a new chapter in the European story, alongside artists, politicians and scientists. Each contributing in their own way through original performances, installations, evocative photographs or videos they have been working on throughout the school year at 10 workshops on art and politics. The festival is also the chance to see unreleased films and attend lectures and debates on and around the challenges facing Europe. So come to the Next Generation, Please! Festival just before your exams and be inspired by a refreshing vision of Europe's future.

In the context of BOZAR Occupied and Europe Day (9 May) 

Participating schools and youth organizations: Institut technique René Cartigny, KA Etterbeek, GO! Atheneum Anderlecht, Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño Fernando Estévez Tenerife, Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe-Instituut Gent, IHECS, KA Emanuel Hiel, Institut Sainte-Marie Bruxelles, Lycée Rodin Paris, Kasterlinden, Jeugdhuis Chicago, Collège La Fraternité (site Saint-Vincent), Gallaudet University
Participating artists: Vincent Glowinski, Christopher Daley, Emmanuel Owusu Bonsu, Robert-jonathan Koeyers, Nohely Koeyers, Susu Amina, Jim Maes,Tine Guns, Julie Bougard, Manuel Canteria, Johanna Couvée, Lyse Ishimwe Nsengiyumva, Joelle Sambi Nzeba (Solola Bien), Leni Huyghe, Lou Vernin, Nayra Martín Reyes, Sukina Douglas, Safa-Eddine Taghian, Alain De Groote, Eva Nothomb, Nikoo Nateghian, Jorn Rijckaert, Bouba Dola
Participating organizations: MUS-E Belgium, De Pianofabriek, KVS, Destelheide & Hanenbos, Instituto Cervantes, Black speaks Back, European Commission / TESIM, Centre Culturel Omar Khayam, Recognition, Zinneke, Zinnema, Doof en Jong Vlaanderen, Visualbox Vzw

Did you know?

  • Proposal for a new european flag © Christophe Terlinden

    Design the campaign image of Next Generation, Please!, a European festival by and for young people at BOZAR

    Surprise us with an inspiring image that catches the eye, and reflects a rebellious, engaged youthful nature. The first 10 selected projects will be part of an exhibition at BOZAR, among other prices to take away. YOU(TH) CAN DO IT!

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