18:30 Talk on Indonesian Cinema by Budi Irawanto

20:00 Film Opera Jawa - Garin Nugroho
In the presence Garin Nugroho

Acclaimed at Cannes, Berlin and Venice, Garin Nugroho’s films decipher the diversity of Indonesian cultures in a way that resonates with audiences across the world.
Opera Jawa (Requiem from Java) is a 2006 Indonesian-Austrian musical film directed by Garin Nugroho that features traditional Javanese classical music and dance in a setting of opera that is inspired by the "The Abduction of Sita" episode from the Ramayana. Setyo (Martinus Miroto) and Siti (Artika Sari Dewi) are young married couple with a classic domestic issue: communication. With their earthenware business comes close to going bankrupt, Setyo's ever determined efforts to make ends meet often make Siti feels lonely. Their alienation to each other is worsened by the presence of Ludiro (Eko Supriyanto), a spoiled character from the local wealthy family who is used to having all his wishes granted. In the spirit of the (Javanese) Ramayana epic, the story tells about what it takes to win Siti's heart.
Opera Jawa was one of seven films commissioned by New Crowned Hope Festival Vienna 2006, celebrating the 250th birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.