Florian Boesch baritone – Jonas Dahlberg stage design & video – Markus Kraler composition & arrangements – Andreas Schett composition & arrangements – Musicbanda Franui


The Austrian ensemble Franui and baritone Florian Boesch perform strikingly beautiful songs by composers like Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms and Gustav Mahler, but they do so in a way you have never heard before: stripped of all their frills and reduced to their bare essentials, raw and dramatic. So the ‘Musicbanda’ Franui remains true to its identity. “We want to take the art song off its pedestal”, trumpeter Andreas Schett sums up the musical vision of Franui. The group’s projects are idiosyncratic rather than conventional, the sound is folk more than it is classical. The melancholic songs exude their ephemeral quality. They find their visual equal in the poetic images of video artist Jonas Dahlberg. His film décor shows the merciless passage of time. Fortunately, there is Franui to bring solace.