Peter Adjaye aka AJ Kwame is a contemporary conceptual sound artist, specialising in experimental soundscape design for installations and cross-disciplinary collaborations. He is a musicologist, composer, DJ-producer, musician and a Mathematician with a PhD. His unique set of skills and vast experience have enabled him to work closely with his brother, the award winning architect, David Adjaye OBE, for over 10 years. This work has culminated in a new publication, ‘Dialogues’ on MusicforArchitecture Records in association with The Vinyl Factory.

Michael Hodgson is a sound artist and multimedia producer who specialises in large-scale video installations, live events, sound design, music and video production. He is passionate about the relationship between sound, movement and image. He has a long history of collaborating with artists, choreographers, film makers and theatre directors alike. After moving from his native land to the UK in 2012, he has produced two albums under his solo project Misled Convoy, a new album for his long standing act Pitch Black, worked on the poppy installation at the Tower of London, and has edited a range of music videos for bands.