Afsaneh Noori text, director – Janet Avanesian actress – Haleh Chinikar assistant(e) – Mohammadamin Zamani technician – Rodrigue Nardone music

In Chante avec moi, we are all talking about a common wound: the sudden loss of a loved one. A professional mountaineer, my father fell to his death on the mountains. The wound that left on my soul is implacable. The wound might fade but it has deposited sediment for evermore somewhere deep inside me. On stage, an actress who has never had such a traumatic experience tells my tale. And on screen, men and women from different backgrounds and cultures speak of what they have experienced and continue to experience after a sudden loss. “Can we also find ourselves in another person’s body? Isn’t empathy and compassion all that ultimately remains?”

Afsaneh Noori is an Iranian director and playwright, who has been living in Brussels since 2013. Chante avec moi is her first Belgian production.