Amine Bertale, alias "ZERO", is a police officer who spends the majority of his time receiving statements from complainants, and walking the streets of Casablanca with Mimi, a 22 year old prostitute. He is in constant confrontation with his handicapped domineering father and his superior, a police chief who humiliates him on a daily basis. Faced with this degrading and unbearable day to day existence, ZERO ends up deciding to move on from a past haunted by cowardice, fear and an inferiority complex, he sets off in search of a young girl who has disappeared in the great metropolis.

Nour Eddine Lakhmari, born on 15 February 1964 in Safi (Morocco), is a Moroccan director. He left for the Norwegian capital Oslo in the 1980s where he shot his first short films that won him a place at the Oslo Film Academy. During his student years he made other short films, stories without words set on the fringes of Norwegian society whose characters are immigrants, the lonely and the excluded. His first feature film, "The Gaze", released in 2005, won several prizes and was acclaimed by critics in both Scandinavia and Morocco. His second feature film, "Casanegra", was released in Morocco in 2008. This thriller won several international prizes and was an official selection to represent Morocco for the Oscars for best foreign language film. "Zero" (2012) is his third feature film.