Maud and Frank have been trying for children for eight years; all in vain. Now they’re on holiday in Chile, to start afresh. A nice idea, but it’s not as easy as all that; not for Maud in any case. Following a massive row with Frank she packs her rucksack and sets off to explore the South American country, ignoring her partner’s angry voicemails.
In Marleen Jonkman’s confident feature debut the actress Rifka Lodeizen always makes sure the sympathy lies with Maud, whatever stupid and sometimes even illegal things she does. The journey through the stunningly filmed, diverse Chilean landscape gives her the chance to break free from herself and her past. Along dusty motorways, in anonymous transport cafés, she is an unfamiliar blonde and she can always make up a new life story. A moving drama about a woman on a road trip who manages to get her life back on track.