Screening followed by a dialogue between Philippe Terrier Hermann and Smaïn Laacher
Created in collaboration with the sociologist Smaïn Laacher, Des hommes en trop explores the relationship between Western culture and the concept of the Other. The artist lays the groundwork for a reflection on the semantic figure of the migrant. As a floating body, supported neither by law, nor by the ground, he shares his philosophical ruminations through the prism of a dialogue between a panel of older women and these men who wander like hunted animals, who here tell their stories to the camera. It is a moving work of fiction, bearing witness to what the figure of the illegal migrant represents, the fears and fantasies it elicits in the collective subconscious.
In 2016, Thalie Art Foundation co-produced the film by Philippe Terrier-Hermann, Des hommes en trop, which was strongly informed by the ideas of Smaïn Laacher.
Philippe Terrier-Hermann (France, 1970)
After studying photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he realised his first project, ‘Intercontinental 1996-2000’, at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. His work takes the form of videos and photographs, using both media to reveal our fascinations and/or conditioning with regard to certain archetypes.