Following the screening of Whose Streets?, the documentary by Sabaah Folayan and Damon Davis, this debate will reflect on the character, the stakes and the internationalisation of new black protest movements in the United States.

Black Lives Matter, Hands Up Don’t Shoot and Campaign Zero criticise police brutality and systematic racism against black people. They were set up after the killing of young black people by white police officers. Today, Black Lives Matter has around 30 branches across the US, as well as several in Europe and Africa. What makes these organisations different from similar groups in the 1960s? Can we talk about a new transnational generation of black activists, one in which women take a leading role?

Speakers will include Damon Davis (artist and director), Rokhaya Diallo (journalist, director and activist), Dalilla Hermans (journalist and activist) and Nicole Hirschfelder (researcher), with Heleen Debeuckelaere acting as moderator.


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