After the album  Hôtel Impala (2008) and its Congolese version, Kinsasha Succursale (2011) which  the world press (NY Times, Guardian, El Pais, les Inrocks...) honored with 4 stars, Baloji is on the brink of bringing a new album, Avenue Kaniama,  in the spring of 2018 published by the prestigious independent label  Bella Union. Baloji realizes the clips and visuals  for his various projects. Kaniama show  is his first fictional  short film. It’s a satire of the propagandistic television in Africa ; in 2019 he will direct his first film for which he wrote  the scenario. Baloji in Swahili means “man of science”, but during the colonization and due to evangelization, its meaning shifted to “men of occult science and witchcraft”. Baloji puts resilience at the heart of his work, proposes an art form where collusion and crossbreeding are mingled, an unbridled art form free from the limitations of “genres”.

With Eriq Ebouaney, Bwanga PiliPili, Martha Canga Antonia, Eric Kabongo, Jérémie Zagba, Gorges Ocloo, Sophie Sénécaut and Jean-Marie Vovk.

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