Bulgarian artist Nedko Solakov created a video installation, commissioned by BOZAR, for Bulgaria’s presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first half of 2018. Some Bulgarians consists of six videos, which will be simultaneously and continuously on view in BOZAR’s Horta Hall. He explains the concept of the installation in the following text that will be handwritten by the artist on the wall above the screens:

I was recently invited by a prominent European art institution to reflect on a political issue, something which I have never done before, and to create a project dedicated to my homeland Bulgaria’s six-month presidency of the Council of the European Union, scheduled for the first half of 2018, after the Estonian presidency and before Austrian one. A work connected to my Bulgaria, which I deeply love, but which is arguably the poorest and most corrupt of all the 28 European member-states.
Without much hesitation, I decided to ask only one question to six of the most creative Bulgarians (in my opinion). Some of them I have known for many years, others I met in person because of this project, but all of them already had a place in my mind and heart because of what they have written, performed, sung, animated, staged and curated not only in Bulgaria but all over the world. They all agreed to respond in front of a camera and I am deeply grateful to Georgi Gospodinov, Ivo Dimchev, Ruth Koleva, Theo Ushev, Javor Gardev and Iara Boubnova that their answers gave me six more reasons to write this very text from Sofia and not from somewhere in exile. 
Here is the question, which is not really relevant to any other EU country's citizens: Why do you live in Bulgaria (or go back there from time to time)?

In the context of the Balkan Trafik! Festival.


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