Next Generation Please! brings young people, schools, artists, institutions and politicians together around the issue of Europe. Having built up a fruitful collaboration, Vincent Glowinski (Bonom), multidisciplinary renowned artist, and the pupils of the Institut Sainte Marie are in residence at BOZAR for a week to continue working on their joint creation; a foretaste of which will be on show in the Horta Hall of the Centre for Fine Arts on 18 January at 7pm, in the form of a performance. Entitled “Europyourhope?” the performance invites audiences to come and see the fragile and hybrid result of this exchange in which artistic and educational requirements live together in harmony. They form one body and navigate the waters in order to travel, be touched and change, that’s also what Europe’s all about isn’t it? 
You can see the final version of their work during the Next Generation Please! festival, which takes place between 9 and 13 May.

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