Ibi was born in Benin in 1960 and had three children. In 2000 she had to deal with serious financial difficulties and took a big risk in the hope of providing her children with a better future. She left her children behind with her mother and agreed to smuggle drugs from Nigeria to Italy. She was arrested by the police and spent three years in prison in Naples. When she was released Ibi remained in Italy and didn’t see her children or her mother for more than 15 years.

In order to keep them up to date with her new life, she decided to film herself. In the footage she talks about her life, her house in Castel Volturno, and about Italy, where she attempted to rediscover dignity and hope. This film has been made from the images which Ibi recorded.

Locarno Festival 2017: Out of competition

Visioni dal Mondo – Immagini dalla Realtà 2017: Out of competition

In the presence of the director