Koninklijk ConcertgebouworkestHerbert Blomstedt conductor


Symphony no. 3, op. 56, "Scottish" Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Sången, op. 44 (Intermezzo) Karl Wilhelm Stenhammar
Symphony no. 1, op. 68 Johannes Brahms

The legendary Swedish conductor Herbert Blomstedt is also an expert on Scandinavian music. He invites you to discover the Intermezzo from Sången, a magnificent cantata that was written by his compatriot Karl Wilhelm Stenhammar for the 150th anniversary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. Herbert Blomstedt is also an outstanding interpreter of the romantic repertoire, which is why he chose Mendelssohn-Bartholdy’s Symphony No. 3, known as “the Scottish symphony”. The composer later sent a special arrangement of his symphony to Queen Victoria, whom he frequently met. Also on the programme is Brahms’s Symphony No. 1. It took the composer twenty years to complete this powerful, dramatic masterpiece, sometimes jokingly called “Beethoven’s Tenth” because it is so energetic. It’s the perfect programme to enjoy the luxurious sound of the famous Amsterdam orchestra and its dynamic conductor, which still sounds as fresh as ever, in spite of its 90-year history.