Balthasar-Neumann-Chor & EnsembleThomas Hengelbrock conductor – Katja Stuber soprano – Marion Eckstein alto – Jan Petryka tenor – Reinhard Mayr bass


Missa superba Johann Kaspar Kerll
Requiem, KV 626 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart’s Requiem continues to fascinate music lovers around the world. This famous requiem mass is cloaked in mystery, starting with the fact that it was commissioned by an anonymous sponsor right up to the final composition, which was unfinished at the composer’s death. His pupil Franz Xaver Süßmayr completed it. The unrivalled metaphysical beauty of this composition makes it so special and gives it its enduring appeal. Thomas Hengelbrock’s Balthasar-Neumann-Chor & Ensemble gives a historically informed performance that will do justice to this majestic music. Also on the programme: the Missa Superba by Johann Caspar Kerll, one of the best-known German catholic composers and organists, whom Bach hugely admired.


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