‘Diversity, call my name!’ or what place for African actors on the stage in Europe?


The Afropean Project association, in partnership with BOZAR, the Varia Theatre, the Centre régional du Libre Examen and MRAX (the Movement against Racism, Antisemitism and Xenophobia), presents its fourth Afropean Open Lab.

Since 2015, the association’s culture unit has been questioning civil society, cultural institutions and the media on the place of Africans and Afro-descendants on the stage and in the media in Belgium and in Europe.

The Afropean Open Lab is both an artistic performance and an inclusive space that is completely free, aimed at dialogue and exchange between citizens around this theme.

At a time when theatrical and film institutions are finally asking questions about ‘diversity’, the Afropean Project non-profit organisation is offering to relay the opinions of the public as well as their definition of ‘diversity’, so that the institutions can grasp what is at stake.
Come and share your experiences, your opinions, your analysis and your suggestions…

Come and help us to build a new relationship between citizens and institutions.


Yes, we can!

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