Quatuor Tana

Crossroads #1 - 18:00

String Quartet no. 4, Sz. 91, BB 95 Béla Bartók
String quartet no. 15, op. 132 Ludwig van Beethoven

Crossroads #2 - 20:00

String quartet no. 1, "Métamorphoses nocturnes" György Ligeti
Quatuor à cordes n° 14, op. 142 Dmitry Shostakovich
3 Pieces for String Quartet Igor Stravinsky
String Quartet, op. 10 Claude Debussy

Crossroads #3 - 22:30

String Quartet no. 2 Ondrej Adàmek
String Quartet no. 2, "Summer Dreams" Philippe Boesmans
String Quartet no. 4, Sz. 91, BB 95 Béla Bartók

What will the string quartet of tomorrow sound like? Champing at the bit to find the answer to this question, four enthusiastic and outstanding French musicians formed the Tana Quartet in 2004. The foursome began an almost obsessive exploration of new worlds of sound, often thanks to technical and technological innovations, but always with great respect for and knowledge of the genre’s rich history.
The “Crossroads” project, a full evening programme with three concerts, is thus a perfect fit for the Tana Quartet.
From Béla Bartók’s Fourth String Quartet, which the quartet uses both to open and to close its cycle, Tana takes a look back and a look forward at the history and the evolution of the string quartet. From Beethoven to Boesmans, from Debussy to Shostakovich, and from Ligeti to Adámek; in three powerful, intense concerts, you’ll discover why the string quartet is perhaps the most authentic and purest of all music genres.