On the occasion of the Guy Brunet et Josselin Pietri exhibition, organised by the Musée Art et Marges, BOZAR is pleased to present Sous le soleil de Marseille (2017), the latest film by Guy Brunet.
The son of cinema operators, Guy Brunet (1945) grew up in the South of France, the Midi, on a diet of films of Hollywood's golden age. After writing hundreds of screenplays he started to make large cardboard figures representing famous actors, actresses, directors and producers. In 2001, through his own Paravision production studio (contraction of paradise and vision), he gave life to these figures. Alone and without financing, Brunet has produced fifteen feature films, donning the hat of producer, screenwriter, dialogist, set designer, actor, cameraman, director and poster artist. Sous le soleil de Marseille looks back at the film career of Marcel Pagnol, with the actors and actresses sharing their experiences in conversation with Brunet himself.