On Friday 20 April, pride of place will be given to a new generation of artists engaged in cultural and social change. "Urban Chapter" will showcase the best of urban sounds from Bosnia-Herzegovina (Frenkie), Serbia (Marčelo), Bulgaria (SkilleR beatboxing), Roumania (Benji Horvath’s amazing slams) and Greece (12 os Pithikos). From the dynamic Belgian music scene, they’ll meet with Hexaler, Youssef Swat and Convok, among other headliners like DJ Odilon, all providing unique sets of beatbox, slam, hip-hop and urban dance. Also performing will be Dubioza Kolektiv, a well-known Bosnian dub group with politically engaged lyrics, and Džambo Aguševi Orchestra’s brass band, representing the best of modern and traditional music. Finally, Mitsoura, the Rom singer from Hungary with her unmistakably unique sound, will premier her latest creation.


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