Nico and the NavigatorsNicola Hümpel artistic direction – Oliver Proske stage design, video installation – Tobias Weber guitar, adaptation – Philine Tiezel artistic advisor, assistant(e) – Apollon Musagète Quartett ensemble – Matan Porat piano – Nikolay Borchev baritone – Julla von Landsberg soprano – Sarah Laulan mezzo – Ted Schmitz tenor – Yui Kawaguchi dance – Anna-Luise Recke dance – Michael Shapira dance – Fabian Bleisch lighting design – Andreas Fuchs lighting design – Bodo Gottschalk camera – Cristina Lelli costumes – David Rusitschka sound


Lieder Franz Schubert

Wandering and departure, everlasting estrangement and loneliness are themes in Franz Schubert’s Lieder. What would it mean to approach these texts and lieder with all our senses? How would Schubert's music break out of an individual in the 21st century?   In Silent Songs into the Wild, singers, musicians and performers embark on a journey through the world of Schubert’s songs discovering them anew in the here and now. They are not limited to their voice but use their whole body, their personalities and their complete range and repertoire of emotions. Within the tension field of intimacy and outburst, they develop new vocal and corporal forms of interpretation, finding their own avenues to these once popular songs. Under the creative guidance of Nicola Hümpel from the internationally recognized ensemble Nico and the Navigators, they will bring songs from Schubert’s cycles Schwanengesang, Winterreise and Die Schöne Müllerin in an original, poignant and stunning way.