Les MuffattiValer Sabadus countertenor – Xavier Sabata countertenor


Sinfonia (Tassilone) Agostino Steffani
Begl’ occhi, oh Dio, non più Agostino Steffani
Risveglia lo sdegno (Poro) Georg Friedrich Händel
Vive l'immagine vostra (Le Lodi d'Augusto) Antonio Caldara
Excerpts of the Overture (Rodrigo / The Alchemist) Georg Friedrich Händel
Di lago o fonte il molle argento (Teofane) Antonio Lotti
Qual tigre e qual Megera (Teseo, HWV 9) Georg Friedrich Händel
Cerco in vano di placare (Tamerlano, HWV 18) Georg Friedrich Händel
"Der lächerliche Prinz Jodelet" (Ouvertüre) Reinhard Keiser
Chi perde un momento (Giulio Cesare, HWV 17) Georg Friedrich Händel
Senza speme di farmi contento (Il Trionfo di Camilla) Giovanni Bononcini
Her lovely face (Pyrrhus and Demetrius) Nicola Francesco Haym
Se parla nel mio cor (Giustino, HWV 37) Georg Friedrich Händel
Cor ingrato (Rinaldo, HWV 7) Georg Friedrich Händel
Ouverture, op. 10/7 Giuseppe Sammartini
Rompi e lacci (Flavio, HWV 16) Georg Friedrich Händel
Concerto Grosso, op. 3/4 (excerpts) Pietro Castrucci
Dolci fresche aurette (Polifemo) Nicola Porpora
Venti, turbini, prestate (Rinaldo, HWV 7) Georg Friedrich Händel

Love and hate, seduction and deception, rivalry and brotherhood: opera intrigues are founded on dramatic dualities. The dramatic tension that is created by these opposites has inspired many composers to create several diverse and astonishingly expressive duos. Steffani, Caldara, Porpora, Lotto and even the illustrious Handel turned to the great castrati, who were venerated as demi-gods in their time, to perform songs that challenged their amazing virtuosity.

Nowadays we can no longer hear castrati sing. There are however plenty of exceptional counter-tenors whose vocal agility and unique timbre can easily rival these masters of the past. So let’s press on to London, in the company of Valer Sabadus and Xavier Sabata and their extraordinary voice, to discover a series of operatic works straight out of the budding 18th century.