Belgian National OrchestraAntony Hermus conductor – Lorenzo Gatto violin


Dances of Galanta Zoltán Kodály
Concerto for violin and orchestra no. 2, op. 7 (La Campanella) Niccolò Paganini
Cinderella (excerpts) Sergey Prokofiev

"If we want to understand other peoples,” wrote the Hungarian composer and music pedagogue Zoltán Kodály, “there is no better way imaginable than to become acquainted with their folk music.” Kodály put his words into action. Dances from Galanta (1933) is inspired by a childhood memory in which, every Sunday afternoon, a gypsy band passed the small station where young Zoltán's father worked as stationmaster. The composition's structure is derived from the Hungarian verbunkos folk dance.

From the Hungarian village festival to an Italian ballroom where folk influences resound in Paganini’s Violin Concerto No. 2 (1826). The concert owes its nickname “La Campanella” (the little bell) to the triangle in the resounding theme of the famous finale. The iconic Italian violinist is brought back to life in the virtuous technique of Brussels’ very own Lorenzo Gatto.

Bells ringing out at midnight cause Cinderella to awaken from her dreams. The three orchestra suites that Prokofiev selected from his ballet Cinderella (1945) are some of his most memorable melodies. With “Slow Waltz” and “Amoroso” this concert ends with an emotional finale in which Cinderella and her prince conclude the evening with a waltz.