Common forms, gestures and thoughts
The 2018 seminar invites you to explore collective accounts and experiences, in the practice of words, gardening, music and touch. But also in the methods of creating images, objects and spaces that all deal with what is ‘common’ and the need to portray it, in form, space and narrative, while confronting risk, conflict and the prospect of failure. A questioning of the forms, languages and rhythms to which we aspire insofar as, on a daily basis, we shape an institution that is interiorised and incarnated. One governed by the individual and the group, constituting a practice of bodies and of spaces with multiple voices that are able to choreograph their dissonances, doubts and development.     

19:00 No Commons Without Commoning: the experience of multiple voices (about 30 minutes)
A performative proposal on a polyphonic principle inspired by and diverted from the Running Commentaries by Bojana Cvejic. Live commentaries remixed by Lawrence Le Doux to images of collective displacements, gatherings or gestures originating in diverse sources. 
20:00 Streamside Day by Pierre Huyghe followed by The Sea of Silence by Marnie Weber
21:00 Essene by Frederick Wiseman (hall M) screened simultaneously with What a Flash by Jean-Michel Barjol (Studio)