Antwerp Symphony OrchestraCollegium Vocale GentPhilippe Herreweghe conductor – Christina Landshamer soprano – Maximilian Schmitt tenor – Florian Boesch bass


Die Jahreszeiten, Hob. XXI:3 Joseph Haydn

The sound of crowing roosters, the oppressive heat, chattering birds, babbling brooks and a storm passing through. Joseph Haydn would have made a first-class film composer judging by his The Seasons. His magnificent oratorio tells the story of a life in music, evolving from youth (spring) to adulthood (summer), maturity (autumn) and old age and death (winter). But the religious component is also very tangible throughout: the cycle of nature, which always recommences with spring, symbolises people’s hope that there is indeed a life after death. Guest conductor Philippe Herreweghe delves deeper into this symbolic and multi-faceted score, highlighting some of the most delightful details of this classical masterpiece with a strong cast of singers.