a nocte temporisReinoud Van Mechelen tenor, conductor – Rachel Redmond soprano – Deborah Cachet soprano – Ingeborg Bröcheler mezzo-soprano – Sean Clayton tenor – Ivan Thirion baritone – Marduk Serrano-López bass – Miriam Rignol discant gamba – Salomé Gasselin discant gamba – Anna Besson traverso – Sien Huybrechts traverso – Romina Lischka bassa da viola – Simon Linné theorbo – Pierre Gallon organ, harpsichord


In Nativitatem Domini, H. 414 Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Pastorale sur la naissance de notre Seigneur Jésus Christ, H. 483 Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Sur la Naissance de Notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ, H. 482 Marc-Antoine Charpentier

The Age of Enlightenment was marked by Jean-Baptiste Lully’s absolute dominance in the French music scene. In one genre, however, he was forced to recognise his superior: sacred music. His contemporary, Marc-Antoine Charpentier, dedicated his life to composing religious works. His magnificent output includes dramatic Latin motets, a genre that is similar to the Italian oratorio. He often takes on the nativity theme in his compositions, creating works that are infused with tenderness, such as In Nativitatem Domini (H. 414) or his pastorales, which stand out because of the infinite nuances and complex emotions they convey.

On the occasion of his ‘portrait’ in BOZAR, the Belgian tenor Reinoud Van Mechelen and his a nocte temporis ensemble will perform his delicate compositions. A delightful opportunity to experience the solace of his music in the run-up to Christmas.

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  • Portrait: Reinoud Van Mechelen

    The young tenor Reinoud van Mechelen is clearly breezing ahead. Combining a light timbre, expressiveness with beautiful elocution, Van Mechelen brings a breath of fresh air to the baroque music scene. We sat down with him for a chat as part of his “Portrait” at for his residency at BOZAR throughout this season.

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  • A Very French Christmas

    The talented young tenor Reinoud Van Mechelen fell in love with French Baroque music after seeing the movie Le roi danse (The King Is Dancing) and is quickly becoming one of its most lauded proponents worldwide. This Christmas, he invites you into the elegant world of Marc-Antoine Charpentier and his festive pastorals, with his very own ensemble a nocte temporis.

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