Nico and the NavigatorsNicola Hümpel artistic direction – Matan Porat piano, music director – Nikolay Borchev baritone – Yui Kawaguchi choreography, dance – Annedore Kleist narrator – Julla von Landsberg soprano – Ruben Reniers dancer, choreographer – Ted Schmitz tenor – Winfried Holzenkamp double-bass – Elfa Rún Kristinsdóttir violin – Philipp Kullen drums – Oliver Proske stage design – Fabian Bleisch lighting design – Cristina Lelli costumes – Ann-Christine Mecke dramaturgy – Alisa Hecke assistant(e)

For more than twenty years, press and public have been singing the praises of the musical theatre group Nico and the Navigators for its poetic productions in which masterpieces of classical music are suddenly portrayed in a different light, thanks to an intelligent integration of music and other art forms.
In the Totentanz, director and artistic director Nicola Hümpel sets her sights on the genres of the dance and song of death. With Totentanz, Nico and the Navigators invite you to ponder the greatest transition in human existence: the journey from life to death, and the emotions involved, between rage and reflection, desperation and resignation. In this intimate and moving performance about the transience of life, you are given an overview of the history of the dance of death as a genre.

Did you know?

  • A Short History of Death 

    Since the fifteenth century, the requiem – also sometimes called missa pro defunctis or Mass for the dead – has inspired composers to write some of the most beautiful works in music history. 

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