Tasto SoloGuillermo Pérez artistic direction, organetto – Barbara Zanichelli soprano – David Catalunya clavisimbalum – Reinhild Waldek harp – Angélique Mauillon harp – Pau Marcos fiddle

Under the expert lead of its founder, the organetto player Guillermo Pérez, the Tasto Solo ensemble has become synonymous with exquisite performances of late medieval music and the works of the first generation of Renaissance composers. Combining historical research with artistic experiments, this group of musicians is exploring the compositions and arrangements of the Buxheimer Organ Book in its newest programme. This fifteenth-century German manuscript is like a bible for organ players, containing several arrangements of polyphonic masterpieces for the organ. Tasto Solo will perform works by composers such as Gilles Binchois, who was a gifted organ player, Guillaume Dufay and the English composer John Dunstable. Tasto Solo revisits medieval instruments (the gothic harp, the hammered clavicymbalum and the organetto among others) combining all their knowledge and creativity in this tribute to the musical geniuses of our regions.

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