Reinoud Van Mechelen tenor – Anthony Romaniuk fortepiano


Tre Sonetti di Petrarca Franz Liszt
Sonetto del Petrarca no. 104 Franz Liszt
Liederkreis, op. 24 Robert Schumann
Sonetto del Petrarca no. 123 Franz Liszt
S'il est un charmant gazon, S. 284 Franz Liszt
Enfant, si j'étais roi, S. 283 Franz Liszt
Oh! quand je dors, S. 282 Franz Liszt

The Protestant Chapel provides the perfect backdrop for a selection of songs to be performed by the young Belgian tenor Reinoud Van Mechelen and the Australian piano player Anthony Romaniuk. Three eminent poets feature in this musical celebration, via compositions by Franz Liszt and Robert Schumann. The Hungarian virtuoso enjoyed reading Francesco Petrarca with Marie Agoult during their time in Italy. He transcribed three sonnets from Rime Sparse that were dedicated to Laura, Petrarch’s muse. Liszt expressed lifelong admiration for the romantic poet Victor Hugo, setting several of his stanzas to music. Schumann, meanwhile, was inspired by Heinrich Heine’s evocative poetry for the composition of his first Liederkreis. The chapel’s intimate setting emphasises the intense and intimate emotions of these compositions, in which text and music are beautifully combined and accompanied by the delicate sound of the fortepiano.

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  • Portrait: Reinoud Van Mechelen

    The young tenor Reinoud van Mechelen is clearly breezing ahead. Combining a light timbre, expressiveness with beautiful elocution, Van Mechelen brings a breath of fresh air to the baroque music scene. We sat down with him for a chat as part of his “Portrait” at for his residency at BOZAR throughout this season.

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