David Bergmüller lute, theorbo


Works by David Bergmüller
Works by Ennemond Gaultier
Works by François Dufaut
Works by René Mesangeau
Works by Charles Mouton
Works by Jacques de Gallot
Works by Robert de Visée

Treat your ears to the lovely sounds that seduced Louis XIV and his court during the “Grand Siècle” in the elegant setting of the Palace of the Academies’ Throne Room. Jean-Etienne Vaudry, aka Saizenay, was a French MP in Besançon in the early eighteenth century. A passionate luth and theorbe player, he compiled two important anthologies with works by some of the leading French Baroque composers for these instruments, including those of his celebrated teacher, Robert de Visée. Austrian musician David Bergmüller has put together a programme of excerpts from famous suites and character pieces, as well as some lesser-known gems. This is a unique opportunity to attend a Belgian performance from this acclaimed young artist, who is increasingly invited to perform with famous ensembles.

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