Klangforum WienBas Wiegers conductor – Michael Pflumm tenor – Bernhard Zachhuber clarinet – Björn Wilker percussion – Michael Scheidl production – Nora Scheidl design


Das Trinklied vom Jammer der Erde (Das Lied von der Erde) Gustav Mahler
Le réseau des reprises Dieter Ammann
il colore dell’ombra Clara Iannotta
Speicher I Enno Poppe
der pythagoräische fächer. (World Première) Klaus Lang
linea dell’orizzonte Beat Furrer
Psappha Iannis Xenakis
Let me die before I wake Salvatore Sciarrino
Dr. Futurity Bernd Deutsch
In C Terry Riley
Un posto nell’acqua Olga Neuwirth

In Ancient Greece, a symposium was a male gathering to party and drink wine together, holding lively discussions on art and society that gave rise to new ideas. Wine, the gift of the gods to humanity, could open the doors to the divine, to divinity and truth, when savoured in the right way.

After having successfully visited various European concert halls with its symposium Klangforum Wien now invites you to partake in a culinary and musical experience at BOZAR. The excellent Viennese ensemble will perform contemporary music while you will be comfortably seated on cushions, futons and chairs in the stalls of the Henry Le Bœuf Great Hall. In between performances you can walk to the Horta Hall for delicious food and wine. An evening programme that is a real treat for your taste buds and your ears: a gradual abandon to drunkenness and the subtle interaction between the Apollinian and Dionysian worlds over an eight-hour period.

To date, no participant has walked out before the end! Spread the word!

Did you know?


    Not a chair to be found in front of the stage, a restored organ on that stage, and 6 concerts that took the audience deep into the night. A transformed Henry Le Boeuf hall witnessed an exceptional Organ Night Fever on September 15th.

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