Dance and listen all night long to sinuous techno, adventurous house, energetic four to the floor and lush ambient cascades while visiting our exhibitions: this is BOZAR NIGHT!


EXPO > 20.00 - 01.00

Bernard van Orley. Brussels and the Renaissance 
Prints in the age of Bruegel
Richard Venlet. Its walls, floors, ceiling and windows 
Dierendonckblancke. Praxis 
Anouk De Clercq with Vessel and Helga Davis. Helga humming 


MUSIC > 20.00-03.00

01:00 - 03:00  Agoria (FR)
23:00  - 01:00  Pierre (BE / Fuse, Lessizmore) 
21:00  - 23:00  Marc & Pierre ( BE / BOZAR Electronic)  


00:00  - 02:00  Laurel Halo (US)
22:00  - 24:00  Renaat (BE / R&S Records) 


Agoria (F)

Agoria is a French electronic music producer, composer and DJ. He is known for blending genres and approaches with an amazing feeling for deep rhythms and melodies. Having released three albums, created his own Infiné label and being one of the founders of Nuits Sonores, he is currently exploring his new "Drift" concept. He is also one of the artists that created music for the Sonar x Nasa programme, resulting in his music being sent in space. 

For his fourth album, Agoria enters into mutation.
Agoria defies his own original algorithm, electronic music such as he has always seen it: “deep, stripped-back, melodic”.
It’s no longer a question of creating a new album, but to question himself on the links, the bridges that may exist between his emotion and the machine. A new link opens itself between the norms, his feeling and the public.

Agoria blends the musical movements, interlaces them. In his reflection he touches upon pop, electronic music but also contemporary art, cinema, artificial intelligence and poetry.
From this creative and chaotic magma, “le drift” is born.
In this new algorithm which blends Agoria’s influences, a music without limits, where all the emotions, the ascendancies, the technologies, the arts mingle and intertwine. "Le Drift" is not a will but the stripped assembly of evocative codes and influences


Laurel Halo (US)

Laurel Halo is a classically trained musician inspired by the electronic music of Detroit, Berlin and London, and has released several albums on Kode 9's label Hyperdub (Burial, Klein, Fatima al Quadiri...). Musically, she alters between the dancefloor's take on dub and techno, and the avant-garde, sharing projects with the likes of John Cale, Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance), Rashad Becker, Oneohtrix Point Never, remixing Forest Swords, Helm. Her DJ sets explore shape-shifting, moody and ecstatic forms of music, combining her vast array of influences.

"DJing is a preferred outlet these days. Selecting takes a very long time. I still play tracks that I found three months to ten years ago. I find I’m mostly listening to drum and harmonic and mood palettes, as opposed to genres. I tend to avoid tracks that sound too idiomatic."


Renaat (B)
Renaat Vandepapeliere is the co-founder of one of the most influential and important labels in electronic music: R&S Records. Still at the helm of the ‘black horse label’, he is the man responsible for releasing essential recordings by the likes of Aphex Twin, James Blake and Paula Temple. Behind the decks, Renaat pays tribute to all forms of electronic music, while never failing to obey the old motto that has always epitomised his label’s ethos: In Order To Dance.


Pierre (B)

Being resident and artistic director for over 25 years of the mythical Brussels Fuse club, Pierre has played alongside the best DJs in the world and still drives the crowd insane each weekend. So it is a great pleasure to finally have him take over the marble dancefloor.

There are not many artists these days who manage to forge their reputation solely as a DJ, but Pierre comes proudly from an era when the craft of stitching records together into a meaningful experience carried just as much importance as being the producer behind the tunes. His quite unique take on house and techno makes him simply one of the best DJs around.


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