Maki Namekawa piano – Cori O'Ian visual creation

Twenty real-time, data-driven visualisations by Ars Electronica turn Philip Glass’ 20 Études for Piano into a breathtaking performance full of colourful, digital form experiments. The premiere took place in New York last year. In November, you have the chance to see the colourful composition of the études with your own eyes here in BOZAR. Philip Glass wrote this short piano series between 1991 and 2012 in order to refine his keyboard technique. Two decades later, the twenty melodic studies demonstrate the iconic composer’s evolution and the deep bond he has forged with the instrument over the years. In this multimedia experience, the virtuoso pianist Maki Namekawa adds radiant energy, irreproachable technical expertise and a fine melodic precision to the works, which range from technical exercises to sublime melodic miniatures. A hyper-transversal and multimedia experience.
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