New Piano Trio


Irish Wedding in Bukarest Florian Willeitner
O(s)Iris Florian Willeitner
Klaviertrio No. 2 Florian Willeitner
Impressione #1 "Amore" Florian Willeitner
Impressione #2 "Nostalgia" Florian Willeitner
Tansanian Daily Life Florian Willeitner

High art vs low art? Forget it! According to the three young and enthusiastic musicians of the New Piano Trio, this division is completely outdated, which is why the name of their ensemble is so to the point. The New Piano Trio gives new meaning to the term “crossover”, performing catchy pop music with a classical line-up of piano, violin and cello, as well as music that is very similar to folk, jazz or classical music. Real crossovers in other words. On the programme: unique, infectious compositions by Florian Willeitner, the violinist of the New Piano Trio. His creations are “classic pop hits”, according to the pianist Alexander Wienand. The cellist Ivan Turkalj prefers to call them “poplex music”. Regardless of which you choose to call them, “the outcome is poetry, pure poetry”, says Willeitner.