Antonio Martinez artistic director, choreograper, scenery
Inma la Carbonera - singer
Patricio Grande - guitar
François Taillefer - percussions
+ 30 dancers

In 1990, dance academy Buenos Compaces Flamencos, opened up its doors with one principal goal: to spread out Flamenco and the Spanish culture as much as possible. Many professional dancers have been trained here over the last 28 years. The academy has been successful thanks to the motivation and the passion of one dancer, a pioneer in his style, a pillar of Flamenco in Belgium: Antonio Martinez.
Martinez created more than 33 choreographies in the most prestigious theaters in Europe, Africa and Asia.
Flamenco con Alma is searching for purity of flamenco, a show that stands up for these 28 passionate years where dance movements intermingle with the musical notes of the guitar, rocking and finally carried away by the sensitivity of the singers' voice.
A perfect symbiosis is created. Time stops to permit oneself to be connected to our deepest inner self.
Flamenco is the art by excellence that brings out the soul.

"When I spend time dancing Flamenco, something in that time ceases to flow."
A. Martinez