John Zorn organ

“Alongside humor, the startling juxtapositions of Mr. Zorn’s scores often feature elements of jazz, rock, classical, punk, improvisation, klezmer and cartoon and film music. The resulting pieces, which sometimes incorporate ritualistic elements, range from hauntingly beautiful to surreally strange.” (The New York Times, 2013)

John Zorn is a free spirit whose body of work defies boundaries and categories. Working across a variety of genres such as contemporary music, punk, metal, klezmer and jazz, this wildly eclectic musician and composer is taking his performance in the Centre for Fine Arts as an opportunity to test the organ in the Henry Le Bœuf Great Hall. This unparalleled experimenter is gearing up to unleash his dissonant style, revealing the structure of his melodies. This is a concert for adventurous listeners who like to explore off the beaten track.

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