How much do we know about the thriving cultural scene in Iran? How can short term artistic exchanges help artists to develop a better understanding of the host society and its cultural scene?  What is the role and position of artists working in the site-specific practices? What was their experiences in the context of Antwerp and Teheran? How does a specific place shape an artist’s practice? These are some of the issues that will be explored during this event.
BOZAR is inviting Saddie Choua (BE) and Amir Farsijani (IR) to share their experiences of their recent residencies in, respectively, Tehran and Antwerp, within the context of an Artist in Residence programme organised by BOZAR and AirAntwerpen, in collaboration with Kooshk residence in Teheran, and EUNIC Teheran. The Meet the Artists session will focus on the artistic practices of Choua and Farsijani and what they achieved during their residencies. 

This session will precede Welcome to Iran. Focus on performing arts, from 15 till 18 March at BOZAR. 

About the artists:
In her practice Saddie Choua focuses on the role of the moving image in the domains of leisure and politics and their influence on the shared image of the ‘Other.’ She highlights the power structures behind the current image industry and the prejudices and misunderstandings they provoke. During his daily walks through the city Amir Farsijani focuses on urbanisation processes and landscapes. He takes a closer look at our contact with architecture and how we deal with it in our daily routines.