Joshua Redman saxophone – Aaron Parks piano – Matt Penman double-bass – Eric Harland drums

“Saxophonist Joshua Redman (…) is a true virtuoso who reveals an unexpectedly lyrical side here. But it’s not the individual performances so much as the crisp compositions and beautifully integrated playing by Redman, pianist Aaron Parks, bassist Matt Penman and drummer Eric Harland that combine to make this an impressive album.” (The Guardian, 2014)


The acclaimed saxophonist Joshua Redman is kicking off the new jazz season at BOZAR,  bringing pianist Aaron Parks, bass player Matt Penman and drummer Eric Harland with him. This collective calls itself James Farm. Both of the band’s albums met with unanimous praise and enthusiasm.

BOZAR has managed to lure one of the world’s most acclaimed jazz artists to Brussels to open its new jazz season. Redman has already collaborated with most of the leading jazz musicians of his generation, both on stage and in the studio. Since his first album in 1991, the American saxophonist has recorded dozens of albums, as a leader or a sideman. Redman is bringing pianist Aaron Parks, bass player Matt Penman and drummer Eric Harland with him for his concert in BOZAR. The quartet formed a collaborative band in 2009, called James Farm, which is a spin-off of a particularly memorable concert in Montreal. Redman has only released two albums with this band to date, but clearly sticks to the adage of quality over quantity in this case. Both the band’s first album, James Farm, and its second, City Folk (2014), met with unanimous praise. The Guardian among others praised the “compelling” soloing, the “superb” tunes and the “enthralling” improvisations of City Folk in a review titled “Bop meets Pop”.