Algorave musicians and visual artists are among the most dextrous and daring in the underground scene. They build tracks by manipulating live-written programming code in front of the audience and accompany them with live-coded visuals. Some of the best algorave coders are coming to BOZAR for a rave of music mixing, visual arts and computer programming on the fly. H.AL.I.C. is a live-coding duo using open source environments and searching for an interactive combination of audio and image generation to create music and visuals in real-time, originating from the same data. Calum Gunn is a Berlin-based computer magician who creates and manipulates sound at the perimeter of rave and techno. UK-based artist Sean Cotterill, aka CO34PT, uses programming languages to make music inspired by avant-techno, hip-hop, footwork, the Euclidean algorithm, nonlinear maps, free culture, (non)repetition and people dancing. Coder Joanne, a member of ALGOBABEZ, blasts eardrums with incorrigibly industrial synth-driven algo-pop, while London livecoder, AV artist and producer Miri Kat uses Livecode and MaxMSP with a strong focus on immersive, audio responsive multimedia.


H.AL.I.C. (a/v)

Calum Gunn + Miri Kat

Joanne + Miri Kat

co34pt Miri Kat