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The Džambo Aguševi Orchestra is without a doubt the best orchestra in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Džambo’s fame and talent is no coincidence. Born into a family of musicians, he was a child trumpet prodigy. He joined his uncle's orchestra at the age of 11, and that year he recorded his first CD. Winning all the major music competitions – including Serbia's prestigious Guča Festival, which brings together the best musicians in the Balkans – Džambo was soon lending his name to his own brass band. After going on to win every prize imaginable with this band, he was even asked to give other musicians a chance by no longer competing in international competitions! Today he has a large following in the Balkans and other countries where his popularity continues to grow.    

He is frequently invited to perform in Turkey where he can already boast a brilliant career stretching back a number of years and has played in countries including Australia, the United States, Mexico and across Europe.