Orhan Osman buzuq, vocals, lute – Ay Bülent drums – Sel Umut double-bass, bass – Hoşgör Umut violin – Shaban Naid Salibryam piano – Dilan Bilmez vocals

20:30 > 21:30 Orhan Osman & SkilleR

Orhan Osman was born in Germany in 1976 to a family with Turkish roots who used to live in Greece. His own cultural diversity drew him to the bouzouki, of which he has become one of the great international masters. He uses his instrument to explore the musical traditions of the world, in particular the melodies of the Balkans and beyond (Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, Indian and Turkish). He has collaborated with many musicians including the German Shall Sick Brass Band, the Macedonian Koçani Orchestra, and jazz musicians Horacio Hernandez from Cuba and Dave Wecki from the United States.

For Balkan Trafik! he will perform with Bulgarian beatboxer SkilleR, whose international reputation is well established. SkilleR was crowned Bulgarian beatbox champion in 2007 and world champion in 2012, and has some 6 million views on YouTube and 150,000 followers on social media. He has performed in the United States, Europe, China and Japan. Bouzouki and beatbox, an amazing mix of tradition and modernity for a great ethno-jazz experience in Brussels!