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The Invisible World Quartet grew out of Tomáš Liška’s encounters with other musicians and through his search for exceptional soloists capable of captivating his audience. Trained at the J. Ježek Conservatoire of Prague and the prestigious Berlin Jazz-Institut with Greg Cohen and John Hollenbeck, he has toured the greatest stages in Europe, North and South America. He will be joined by Efe Turumtay from Istanbul, Nikola Zarić from Serbia and Kamil Slezák from Moravia, bringing their talents and sensitivities to original compositions combining elements of jazz, chamber music and traditional Mediterranean and Balkan music. Their approach is guided by a wider philosophy that sees music as a clear, crystalline medium, radiating a rich palette of emotions awakened by delicate melodies and subtle musical flourishes. The quartet has performed on the biggest international stages and the most famous jazz and world music festivals. Last year, they received the Audience Award from the Ostrava International Music Crossroads.