Sam Mangwana vocals – Dizzy Mandjeku guitar – Nyboma Canta vocals – Wuta Mayi vocals – Bumba Massa vocals – Popolipo Beniko guitar – Lokombe Nkalulu vocals – Faya Tess vocals – Nana Akumu vocals – Malage de Lungendo vocals – Jean Paul Kilosho guitar – Petit Poisson Avedila guitar – Didan Dibwidi saxophone – Muky Muindila trumpet – Alonzo Baba drums – Bellow Komba drums – Papy Muntu bass – Jakou Ilunga bass – Patient Kusangila guitar – Odilon Kiala keyboard – Benoit Dassy saxophone – Tister Ikomo percussion – Paul Biss vocals

More than twenty Congolese artists-musicians-singers celebrate Patrice Lumumba through the concept of "Rumba Lumumba". Numerous celebrities feature amongst them including Sam Mangwana, Dizzy Mandjeku, Wuta Mayi, Nyboma and Bumba Massa. The same ones that played and sang alongside the Founding Fathers of classic Congolese Rumba: Kallé, Rochereau, Franco, Bombenga, Essous and Vicky. You can also find artists from the younger generations, such as Malage, Faya Tess, Popolipo, Petit Poisson, Jean-Paul Kilosho and plenty more besides.
The songs about Patrice Lumumba, a political giant and lover of music and beauty, were the most frequently sung on the "Congolese Rumba" scene in comparison to those about all of his peers. So the homage which is being paid to him is befitting of the stature of this statesman with a great passion for Congolese culture.

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Setlist :
Lumumba Héros National (Comp.: Franco)
Vive Patrice Lumumba (Comp.: Vicky Longomba) 
Liwa Ya Emery (Comp.: Franco)
Ata Ndele (Comp.: Adou Elenga)
Matinda (Comp.: Franco)
Yimbi (Comp.: Franco)
Ebale Ya Congo (Comp.: Kallé Jeff)
Table Ronde (Comp.: Kallé Jeff)
Esclave (Comp.: Papa Wemba)
Congo Nouveau Afrique Nouvelle (Comp.: Tabu Ley)
Kashama Nkoy (Comp.:Tabu Ley)
Pont sur le Congo (Comp.: Franklin Bukaka)
Na Koki (Comp.: Franklin Bukaka)
Congo Mibale (Comp.: Franco)
Ba Tata Ya Lipanda (Comp.: Kallé Jeff)
17 janvier 61 (Comp.: Paul Biss)
Ata Ozali (Comp.: Franklin Bukaka)
Independance Salsa (Comp.: Kallé jeff/Arr. : Jean-Paul Kilosho)
Les Immortels (Comp.: Franklin Bukaka)
Matata Masila Na Congo (Comp.: Kallé Jeff)
Lumumba Héros National (Comp.: Kallé Jeff)
Independance Cha Cha (Comp.: Kallé Jeff)

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Did you know?

  • Rumba Lumumba

    Patrice Emery Lumumba was not just the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Congo, he was also a passionate music fan and a gifted listener.

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