“Kithara adheres to the traditional principles of acoustic taraab playing but at the same time Rajab has modernised the qanun playing style and ensemble performance by looking to Egypt and Turkey for inspiration.” (ABC, 2018)

Join the virtuoso qanun player Rajab Suleiman on a journey to Zanzibar. He mixes the Ottoman and Arab maqamat with Cuban rhythms, Indian sounds and local ngoma stories, with a band of violinists, singers, accordion and oed players.

For centuries, the island of Zanzibar has attracted populations who have moved there to live and trade. The result is a melting pot of influences, including African, Arab, Indian and European, in the taarab of this island nation. In 2012, the virtuoso quanun player Rajab Suleiman gave the traditional taarab a new lease on life. He founded a collective, called Kithara, with young and older violinists, singers, accordion players and oed players, mixing the Ottoman and Arab maqamat with Cuban rhythms, Indian sounds and local ngoma stories. Suleiman and Kithara have spent the last few years touring Europe, the United States, Australia and Tanzania. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to see them at work on the stage of the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels.

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