After its Argentinean tour, Belgian quintet SONICO present its first album,"Eduardo Rovira: La Otra Vanguardia", dedicated to the Argentinean composer Eduardo Rovira. Join us to rediscover the “other Piazzolla”, who was a figurehead of contemporary tango and whose work has since fallen into obscurity.

SONICO is a young, Brussels-based quintet. After touring with the Argentinean pianist Fernando Otero (4 Grammys), the ensemble will tour Argentina in August 2018 to promote its first album,"Eduardo Rovira: La Otra Vanguardia", dedicated to the composer Eduardo Rovira, who is often compared to Piazzolla. Like Piazzolla, he played a key role in the development of contemporary tango music in Buenos Aires in the late Fifties. Rovira, whose work has since fallen into obscurity, is responsible for many tango innovations. SONICO is now making up for this oversight, with an album that includes 12 original compositions and arrangements, which it will present at BOZAR after having toured some of the most prestigious Argentinean concert venues. 


Music Talk(s)
18:00 Talk with the artists, moderated by Alexis Cousein. Free for everyone with a concert ticket.

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  • The Tango Series

    In Argentina, there are many ensembles that contribute to a varied and fresh tango scene. Some of them re-enact the tradition, others build upon it to produce their own original creations. The list is long, but for sure includes the musicians performing in this ground-breaking concert series at BOZAR.

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