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The Kukeri gather between 30 and 50 artists between the ages of 8 and 60, originally from the village of Rakovski in Bulgaria. They perform the ceremony of forgiveness, a Bulgarian spring tradition that is part of UNESCO’s list of the intangible heritage of humanity. The young seek forgiveness from their elders, who grant it to them by saying: “You are forgiven by me and by God.” The tradition also includes food rituals, with the participants expected to eat 12 times, as the ceremony takes place on the eve of the Lent fast leading up to Easter.

This folk tradition is represented in the form of a play featuring several characters and many magical dances. The Kukeri wear more than 20 impressive masks, up to 2.5 metres high, with extraordinary costumes, some up to 4 metres high. According to tradition, the Kukeri go from village to village to chase away the evil spirits and ensure health, wealth, and abundant harvests. The Kukeri have won several awards, including from the Surva International Festival of Kukeri at Pernik in Bulgaria. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to witness this bright and colourful show that brings a beautiful tradition to life.