To what extent is cinema primarily about the body and movement and how far can editing and screening prolong the physical adventure of the shoot? In order to inaugurate the 3rd edition of the Conversation residence, initiated by the CVB and GSARA, Laure Cottin Stefanelli and Peter Snowdon will present recent footage and speak about their upcoming projects, in the course of a conversation with Septembre Tiberghien.
British, Brussels-based, filmmaker Peter Snowdon is the man behind The Uprising (2013), a film made from YouTube videos created by people involved in the Arab Spring, and the director of the ALARM group’s film Le Parti du rêve de logement (2016, CVB production). He is currently studying the relationship between the person behind the camera and the subject matter. Peter is a lecturer in film directing, part of the Visual Ethnography programme of the University of Leiden (the Netherlands).
With her films, photographs and installations, the French artist Laure Cottin Stefanelli explores stories based around characters with paradoxical tensions – life instincts, death instincts and erotic urges –which are the result of the separation of the mind and body. Having participated in FID Marseille and the Kasseler Dok Festival, in 2017 Laure staged her first personal exhibition, Touch me not / do not cling to me / do not hold me / do not approach me, in the Centrale Lab in Brussels.