Do you prefer a more intimate setting to the maddening crush of the dance floor? Then you will love the BOZAR ELECTRONIC SERIES. These exclusive evenings are a great opportunity to discover the latest musical trends, which push the boundaries of electronic, contemporary and experimental music.

20:30-21:30 Constantine

22:00-23:00 Pan Daijing


Pan  Daijing is a self-taught, self-proclaimed  outsider  who  makes  music,  art, and  tells  stories. Born  and  raised  in  Guiyang,  Southwest  China,  she  has  been  hiding  in  Berlin  since  2016.
Rooted  in  noise  music,  her  raw  approach  as  a  composer  and  performer  takes  many  forms;  primarily  performance  art,  sound,  dance  and  installation,  hinging  heavily  on  improvisation  and  acts  of  storytelling. She  has  released  an  acclaimed  album  debut, Lack,  on  PAN,  and  her  ongoing  projects  comprise  of  Fist  Piece,  a  complex  choreography  of  film, sound and performance  premiered  in  Kraftwerk  at Berlin  Atonal. Cited  as  one  of  the  most  exciting  figures  in  the  current  avant-garde,  she  has  showcased  her work  and  performed  in  museums,  theatres,  churches  and  underground  clubs  as  well  as  festivals  such  as  CTM,  Sonar,  Unsound and  the  London  Contemporary  Music  Festival.



Constantine Skourlis is an acclaimed musician and composer from Athens, Greece. His music has been described as visionary, majestic and overwhelming. Using an array of guitars, amplifiers, orchestral instruments, prepared piano, old tube radios and field recordings he blurs the boundaries of genres and draws inspiration from a wide range of musical influences such as death metal, classical minimalism, drone and baroque.
His highly acclaimed debut album HADES was released on Bedouin Records in 2017 earning rave reviews from numerous publications. He has collaborated with choreographers, worked on installations and on film scores. This will be his first performance in Belgium.


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